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Thomas Stubbs


Columbus College of Art & Design
BFA Illustration / Industrial Design
Graduate May '96

Extensive studies in color theory, structural drawing, figure drawing, composition, industrial design, 2D design and 3D design. Additional studies in lettering, advertising, retail advertising, painting and traditional animation.


From: January, 1st 2017
To: Current

Title: "Slick Utopia" 
Position: Owner / Lead Artist


Creation of aesthetic and final execution of modular level construction for a sci-fi oriented environment. Concept, Designation of metrics, Modeling, Map Creation (Diffuse, Normal, Gloss/Roughness, Specular/Reflectivity, emissive and UV's.

Double Helix Games / Amazon Game Services: AGS
From: March, 1st 2012
To: December, 16th 2016

Title: "New World" 
Position: Senior Artist


Engaged in Environmental modeling of small to large props and structures, set dressing of structures and workstations. Texturing, lighting, collision, LODs. Lumberyard Editor(Crytek engine) with use of PBR shaders. Outsourcing reviews and feedback.

Title: Strider Hiryu "2014" 
Position: Senior Artist


Engaged in Environmental modeling, texturing, lighting, collision, level streaming and performance. Significant level construction from initial designer layout to fully fleshed out and finshed environments. In game Boss creation for the Gravitron. Sole artist responsible for the Research facility, Save rooms and Gravitron Boss Room. Large portions of work in Khazak City Transit, Underground temple, The Khazak Dam, Military Hangar and Sewers.
Title: Defiance / Trion 
Position: Studio contracted work: Lead Artist


Created and helped organized pipeline for creation of texture variants regarding player weapons. Forty unique weapons with 4 texture variants each, and 4 new weapons produced by Double Helix. Lead a team of four artists. Modeling: high and low resolution, texturing, LOD work. Weekly coordination with Double Helix producer and client-side art staff.
Title: Demo Project: Timeless 
Position: Senior Artist


Endeavored in environmental modeling and texturing. Collision restructuring and performance management.

Microsoft / 343 Industries
From: February, 21th 2011
To: Current

Title: Halo 4
Position: Environment and Technical Artist


Executed Environmental and object modeling. Regular work with Maya, Zbrush, X-Normal and proprietary software tools. Endeavored in structure art defining BSP playable volumes, portaling for performance, setting LOD's and Collision.  

Electronic Arts / Danger Close Studios
Contracted Service
From: January, 6th 2010
To: July 31st, 2010

Title: Medal of Honor - Anaconda
Position: Senior Artist


Duties included conversion of designer BSP concept terrain to finalized static meshes for a drivable physics vehicle model. Process utilized Unreal editor, Maya, Mud Box and Z-brush. Extensive terrain sculpting, terrain masking, texturing, set dressing, asset generation, coordination with design elements and motion capture. 

Maxis - Electronic Arts
Contracted Service
From: January, 3rd 2008
To: June, 3rd 2008

Title: Sims 3
Position: Senior Artist


I endeavored in creation of original and updating of existing props from Sims 2. Updating and maintaining scripts. Created career structures. Researched new technologies. Extremely technical pipeline with specific attention paid to performance limitations, LODs  vert counts, proprietary shaders and materials. Evaluation of coworker assets prior to game implementation.

The Collective Studios:
From: July, 24 2006
To: November, 10th 2006

Title: Silent Hill V
Position: Senior Environment Artist


Executed environmental modeling, texturing, collision, lighting and animation. Models  developed from initial design layout, to finished in-game environments. Current-gen material shaders: Normal, Diffuse & Speculars.  Lighting: Vertex, Dynamic & Dynamic Projectors. Exterior conceptual work. Xbox 360 Development.

Capcom Studio 8:
From: December, 15th 2003
To: March, 20th 2006

Title: Final Fight Streetwise 
Position: Senior Environment Artist


 Executed environmental modeling, texturing, collision, lighting and animation. Models developed from intial design layout, to finished in-game environments. Level design consultant from art  perspectives. Coordinated design requests and modifications.

Sony Computer Entertainment America SCEA:
Contracted Service
From: March, 1st 2003
To: December, 12th 2003

Title: Rise To Honor 
Position: Interactive Props & FX


Performed alterations in Modeling, texturing and dynamics of existing props for in-game usage. Assigned physics properties to specific interactive items. Regular work with updating, and maintaining scripts. 

Midway Games West:
From: June, 1st 1998
To: February, 7th 2003

Title: Gladiator The Crimson Reign 
Position: Senior Artist / Concept Artist


Endeavored in villain design, thumbnails, comps, finished 2D art. Modeler, UV coordinates, texturing, animation setup and deformation.
Title: RUSH 2049 Tournament Edition 
Position: Senior Artist


Track refit from internal consumer team. Completely responsible for Track six. Geometry cleanup for three levels of detail including collision database. Re-textured world, provided new externally referenced objects and sound calls.
Title: San Francisco RUSH 2049 
Position: Artist


Participated in creation of four new tracks for the coin operated arcade machine. Specific attention paid to poly counts, levels of detail, texture space and collision. Conceptualized, authored and maintained original official website.

Acclaim Coin Operated Entertainment:
From: June, 15th 1996
To: February, 23th 1998

Title: Bad Assassins 
Position: Artist / Animator


Conceptuals, modeling, texturing, animation for backgrounds and characters. Level design, selection screens. Authored internal website.


Maya 2016
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Z-Brush 4R6
Mudbox 2015
Lumberyard / Cryengine / Unity
Unreal Editor 3
Substance Designer / Painter: Begginer level

References available at your request.